Smuin Contemporary Ballet


When COVID-19 hit, Smuin Contemporary Ballet had to quickly pivot. Their first steps included posting previously recorded dance performances to their website for their existing customer base, as well as staging a few socially-distanced outdoor performances. But as it became clear that touring would be delayed well into 2021, the team began investigating options for ticketing livestreams and providing an interactive online event experience.


Ultimately, Smuin chose Stellar as its online event partner for its robust feature set, commitment to the customer experience, and sister company Goldstar's history of promotional success.

The results and fan reactions from Smuin's Fall Dance Series and Christmas Ballet performances were incredible, proving livestream dance is here to stay:
  • 4,200+ tickets sold
  • $209,000+ in gross revenue
  • $51,000+ in donations raised
“Stellar provided us with a great substitute for the shared live theater experience. The ability to stream our art while maintaining that interactive sense of community has kept our audience satisfied and engaged, and also allowed us to reach new audience members. Even when we are able to return to theaters, I imagine that presenting through the Stellar interface will continue to be a part of our offerings.”
Celia Fushille
Artistic Director of Smuin Contemporary Ballet

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