Online Events are the Biggest Opportunity for the Live Business in Decades. That's Why We Built Stellar.

Stellar is your online event partner, purpose-built for live entertainment professionals to deliver high-quality, interactive shows to paying customers.


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People Love Stellar

Stellar’s robust management system delivered “The Present” to thousands of magic fans around the world. Smart, easy to use, and a welcomed income stream during the age of virtual theater.
Patrick Brown
Director of Marketing, Geffen Playhouse
The future of entertainment has arrived with a bang. Stellar has harnessed that energy into something wonderful, accessible and user-friendly. As artists turn to livestreaming to connect with their fans, they can rest assured that Stellar will be in their corner at every step.
Craig Newman
Agent - APA
Stellar came along right on time. We had to keep working and Stellar provided the tools and support we needed to monetize our livestreams. Our fans love it too!
Michael Amador
Manager & Producer - The Fab Four
Our experience with Stellar has been fantastic! From our first interaction to all the tech and customer service support, Stellar has been a platform that went above and beyond to make our interactive show come to life in a live stream.
Laura Kelly
Producer - Magical Virtual Gatherings
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The Streaming Theater revolution is moving so fast and when we dove in, we found ourselves saying, "We gotta figure this out!" Then we realized, Stellar already had it figured out.
Ken Davenport
Tony Award-winning Broadway Producer, The Streaming Stage Company

In the Press:

What is Stellar?

  • Stellar is…
  • For Meetings
  • For Classes
  • For Webinars
  • For Shows

Ticket, stream, and promote your online event all in one place with Stellar. Painlessly produce and manage streams for your live events with HD video and audio, plus real digital ticketing, customer data and reporting and Stripe® payments you control. All from one Total Show Management System.

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Total Show Management System

pro ticketing image

Secure your ticketing with online box office management

pro ticketing image

Online Events deserve the same quality ticketing experience as in-person events. So that’s what we built.

  • Branded Organization event page
  • Customizable event listing pages
  • Seamless checkout and access to your events
  • No ticket piracy. All views are tied to an account
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Broadcast Quality Livestreams

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Provide a viewing experience that wows your audience

  • Stream live with industry leading tools
  • Upload pre-recorded content to air live or as a Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Preview and troubleshoot audio and video through our Stream Studio before going live for quality control
interactive engagement image

Interactive Engagement Tools

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Engage with your customers with live chat and reaction emojis

  • Customers can ❤️ 👏  🙌. 😂  to show love in real-time
  • Maintain control at all times. Moderate the chat, turn reactions on or off, and customize reaction branding to fit your needs
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Entertain your fans where they want, how they want

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Stream to any device, including TV! Give your customers a multi-screen, interactive experience. Chat on the phone while watching on the big screen.

  • Watch on computer via our website
  • Watch on phone or tablet via our mobile app (iOS™ and android™)
  • Watch on TV with our OTT apps (Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku)
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Promote your event and reach 10 million + live event enthusiasts

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Listing with Stellar gains access to a suite of online marketing tools  and sister company Goldstar's famed subscriber network.

  • Exclusive communications with Goldstar's subscriber base, including email, online, and mobile
  • Create unlimited tracking links to facilitate direct marketing outreach
  • Invite and reward affiliate marketers on an event-by-event basis
  • Improve online advertising campaigns with easy tracking pixel placement
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Find help when you need it from our Stream Coaches and Organizer Support Team

stream coaching image

A qualified and experienced Stream Coach will conduct one-on-one sessions with your production team to ensure the livestream is technically sound and ready for broadcast.



Vetted Event Partner Network

Get production assistance from concept to curtain call. Whether you need a full-service production company, a turnkey production venue, or simply need another member of your crew, Stellar can help. We have created the largest network of online events partners in the world and they are ready to help.


Built On Strong Partnerships

The event industry is built on collaboration. That’s why we’ve concentrated on creating a robust partner network to help bring your events to life.

  • Production Companies
  • Turnkey production venues
  • Livestream Producers
  • Independent Producers
  • Promoters
  • Encoder Operators
  • Misc. Crew

Introducing Stellar Academy

The Online Event industry needed a comprehensive knowledge base and resource center to help Event Organizers make the move online. So we created Stellar Academy, an interactive learning resource for anyone at any level of experience.

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In Stellar Academy, we’ll cover topics like:

  • Why Online Events are a revenue boom
  • How to start planning for an online event production
  • How to use an encoder to stream
  • What other thought leaders are doing to succeed
  • And more...
Tour Stellar Academy
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Which plan is right for you?
All ticket fees can be deferred to ticket buyer as an add-on fee at checkout



Free to get started, for event organizers that have just one show, and:

  • Only need online event software tools
  • Know how to produce online events
  • Have customer support under control

Service Fee added to ticket price for buyer 9.9%*
$0 Setup Fees
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Show Plan Details
  • Livestream ticketing
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Interactive chat and emote reactions
  • Tracking links and marketing pixels
  • Industry-leading stream security
  • 1080p-quality video
  • OTT Apps (FireTV, AppleTV, Roku)
  • Email and chat support for you
  • Technical support for your customers


    Free events are subject to a $2/ticket Stellar fee.



For event organizers with many shows and:

  • Want all of Stellar's features
  • Require custom features or integrations
  • Want to sell memberships, bundles and other advanced monetization strategies

Service Fee added to ticket price for buyer 14.9%*
Annual fee to be negotiated
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Show Plan Details
Includes all Professional features plus:
  • Up to 200 free tickets to issue as you choose
  • Eight hours of livestream coaching and production support
  • Unlimited event listing consultation


    Free events are subject to a $2/ticket fee.

* Option to cover fees instead of ticket buyer

Add Ons and Professional Services


100 Comp / Issued Tickets

Perfect for group sales or using your existing ticketing platform. Capped at 300 total. Additional tickets subject to Stellar's platform fee.


2 Hours Stream Coaching

Get a 1-on-1 working session with our Stream Coaches to setup your first stream, troubleshoot existing settings, and give you peace of mind.


Full-Service Customer Support for 24 hours

Completely outsource your online box office support. Let us handle all of your customer service needs.


Full-Service Customer Support for 72 hours

Completely outsource your online box office support. Let us handle all of your customer service needs.



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